Around a year after you buy them providing that you keep them in a dark, dry, temperate place.
Only in a few of our blends and soup bases
Our pure spices are gluten free, our soup bases are not
Yes, almost all of our spices are available in both powder and whole form
We use the Shopify platform, you are updated regularly from purchase to when your order arrives. We do our very best to add your tracking number to the orders.
Our rates are as follows; British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba $12; Ontario and Quebec $14; Alberta $9; Maritime Provinces $16; Yukon and Northwest Territories $15; Nunavut and the US $20. We offer free shipping on all orders $95 or more except to the US
Generally it takes about a day per province for any shipment to get to its destination once shipped. If your order is received before 3:00pm MST it will be shipped out same day.
We do ship internationally but we do not claim responsibility for paying any taxes or brokerage fees outside of Canada
The herbs and spices and carefully hand packed into reusable ziploc pouches or 4 oz. jars.
Contact us immediately and we will remedy the situation as soon as we can
Our platform is able to receive payment via VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and paypal
Shopify has a long history of providing safe and secure payment, your privacy is a top concern
Please contact us as soon as you can. If the order hasn't been shipped yet, it can easily be canceled.
Please contact us as soon as you can. We will do our best to remedy the situation.